I am a Brazilian artist.


In no particular order.


My Story



When I was young, I did not know what I wanted to be. So I decided to be everything I could.

I was an artist before I knew that was a profession. The first time I sold one of my paintings, an attempt at a realistic picture of a duck beating its wings, I was twelve. But even two years before, I was already making funny stickers and selling them to my friends for a nickel.

Because I wanted to be a writer, I was a Philosophy student at USP, University of Sao Paulo, in Brazil. It was there that I also studied French and Japanese, since I have always loved learning new languages and immersing myself in different cultures. Later in life I would finish my studies in Italian as well. Most of my writing is done in Portuguese, though, my native language.

I won a State Contest with a short story of mine and got published for the first time when I was sixteen, and after that, wrote several short stories and three novels before I was nineteen. They were mostly about vampires and medieval fantasies,though, and the publishers thought that there was no market for that in 1999. You only make this kind of mistake once in your life.

I am a Bachelor in Social Communication and Advertising in ESPM, Sao Paulo, Brazil. During my last year of College, I worked as an Illustrator for a consulting company, where I helped creating all the designs and illustrations for their Learning Maps. I continued illustrating Learning Maps for different clients as a freelance artist over the years, having completed my last project in 2015 for a consulting company in New York.

After graduation I was hired as an Art Director in a Design Agency, while still doing freelance work as an Illustrator. As so, one of my cartoons was selected to participate on a national exhibit during 2008, and feature in the catalog from the First International Festival of Humor promoted by Brazil's Health Ministry. It was that job as a graphic designer, however, that financed my first trip do Italy, in 2004. Although I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, I come from a northern Italian family, thus my love for good food. Out of that love, and inspired by that trip, I have created a food blog (www.lacucinetta.com.br) that is on going for more than 10 years. It started being about food and ended up being about life. Although the two subjects seem to be basically the same thing. It is in that space that I have mostly written, in Portuguese, during those years when I was focusing on graphic design and illustration. Every post is a chronicle about cooking, parenting, working, moving, living. That trip also ignited my interest in Photography.

During those early years of the blog, I collaborated briefly as a writer to an online Golf magazine called Onne, with my own column about food.

I left that agency job after a while, and decided to make the plunge and work solely as a freelance artist. Since 2005 I have been doing graphic design, packaging, logos,  illustration, cartoons, Learning Maps, caricatures, children's textbooks and whatever job I could find. Those jobs were mostly digital, or at least painted and assembled digitally after being hand drawn.

By 2009, after a lot of that digital work and even some incursions in webdesign, I realized it was time to go back to traditional media. I have studied watercolor, acrylics, pastels, charcoal, colored pencils, markers. I studied from 2013 to 2017 with Mauricio Takiguthi, a Brazilian painter, who  teaches Pictorial Realism and was a student of Burton Silverman.

In August 2017, I have moved from Sao Paulo, Brazil, to Toronto, Canada, with my husband, my two small children and my dog. I have been photographing, painting, sketching a lot and went back  to writing seriously. I am currently developing two children's books of mine and a book about that first trip do Italy that changed my life in so many ways, and I am looking for a publisher.

I would like to keep doing what I have always done: art, in whatever form it happens.