When I was pregnant with my oldest kid, Thomas, I decided to make a little watercolour painting for his nursery. As we are all nerds at home, loving progressive metal bands, dragon stories and the like, I painted Thomas as a little baby warrior trying to fight a dragon. He was Thomas, the Epic, and, well, he lives up to the name so far. Interesting thing, he ended up having straight blond hair like his father, just like the painting. Then came Laura, and I know that, being our daughter, she would not be just a regular princess girl. And therefore she rides a "My Little Poney" from Hell. She is Laura, the Vigilante. I knew she would be blond like her brother (oh, those strong Germanic genes), but was proud and painted her having my wavy hair. I was indisputably wrong about that, but not about the fact that she is indeed a warrior princess.

Because of those two paintings, I got a lot of commissions for nursery decor over the last 6 years. This is a job I really enjoy doing. Is is a shame that a couple of years ago I had a problem with my computer and lost almost all the records of the those paintings (the clients kept the originals). I was left with some of low resolution photographs, some still having the watermarks from my old art blog, some other ones tilted and dark, for it was only a personal record of the process. Losing those images was one of the saddest things that ever happened to me. Some clients were kind enough to send me pictures of the paintings on their walls. That actually made me very happy, to see my art being part of their lives.