Tiny Food Series (2016-2018)
10x15cm (4x6 inches), watercolor on a Hahnemuhle postcard.

I think of these pieces as tiny fragments of a day. Being Latin (I am Brazilian and come from an Italian family), food and its preparation play a major role in my life. That moment, however, when you look at an ingredient, when you are in the middle of cooking or just finished plating your food, that moment is tiny and fragile and most people don’t even realize the joy it might bring. Pause. The cake just sliced. The just poured coffee. The apple about to be chosen. The pan full of vegetables. The plate of bruschette just settled on the edge of the table. Those watercolor paintings are tiny because the moments they represent are small and precious. I wish they convey the same comfort I had by painting them, when I could imagine the tastes and smells and textures of the food.
Some of these paintings are still for sale.

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